Why “Chronicles of a Tap Backing Binge Eater”?

If you’ve never taken Soul-Cycle or an indoor cycling class, you’re probably wondering what I mean by “tap backing.” So to define this for you, a tap back can be best described as a standing ab crunch. You start out of the saddle in third position (or standing with your hands at the top of the handle-bars), squeeze your lower abs, extend your arms, slowly curl your hips back as your chest moves toward the floor, and then return back to third position. If done correctly, it appears as if your booty is taping the back of the saddle.

I chose to use this as part of my blog’s title for two reasons. First, throughout my illness, indoor cycling has been my oasis–the one place that makes me feel like an absolute bad ass when every other second of the day I am questioning my worth. I clip in, my mind quiets and I just ride. Second, like a tap back, where you always return to third position–a position I am learning to run in a little longer every single day–I always return to my empowered binge-free place. The actual backward motion symbolizes what have now become the temporary setbacks that used to completely cripple me. I am so far from recovered, but I am on the road to recovery.


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