Millennials Are LAZY AF

I read an article today by a fellow writer and Millennial, Ryan O’Connell that concluded with, “the thing I love most about my generation—and something that rarely gets recognized—is that we’re fucking hustlers. We make it work. We get that money. We’re innovative and resourceful.” FINALLY someone is giving credit where credit is due.  He went on, “the odds may be stacked against us and yet we still find a way to triumph. I’m really getting tired of the coverage of Millennials being so one-sided. Everyone harps on how terrible and screwed up we are without recognizing all of the people who get shit on day in and day out at their so-called dream job and still power through. Bitch please.”

For the other half of the Millennials who aren’t handed keys to a BMW, a 100K starting salary and an apartment on 2nd ave–those of us who aren’t handed a fucking thing–being 20-something is nothing short of an off-kilter balancing act. We try to maintain our social life, meeting in coffee shops and spilling beers over happy hour. We slave at an underpaid job with the promise of moving up “eventually.” We go to graduate school and take out more loans because our first degree isn’t enough. Nothing is anymore. We get a second job so we can afford a 2 by 4 apartment (if we’re lucky) and more importantly, prevent going bankrupt. And when a better opportunity presents itself, we take it and are criticized for being confused or indecisive.

The reality is we do whatever we have to. We sleep less and work more. We sacrifice friendships and relationships to pursue a career that we aren’t even sure we want anymore. We pick up and change the job and life we just become accustomed to because opportunity awaits and we can’t afford to pass it up. We do all this because we have to. We’re resilient if nothing else. So to my fellow Millennials, who are underappreciated, underpaid and overworked, keep slaying. Our 30’s have to be better right?




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