“Weight Talk” 

I wanted to start this week by having the weight talk. It’s very common to believe that you need to reach a certain weight to be “healthy” or attractive. However, healthy looks different on everyone.

As a perfectionist, we live by things that are black and white: a grade on a paper, a trophy, a ranking at work; and a number on a scale. Those concrete objects that we let define us. I personally struggle with goals that don’t have clear success objectives. I want to know how my success is determined and what accomplishment looks like.

In therapy, I’m working on adjusting my perfectionist expectations. It terms of weight….I’ll know I’ve reached the “best” one when I’m no longer binging and focused on my life, rather than my body.

This week I challenge you to cut back on how often you weigh yourself and instead focus on how you feel. What does it look like to feel good? Write that shit down. Take note of it. Re-cultivate that environment and repeat. This is a journey to freedom and it’s uncomfortable at first. But that’s okay.


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