Journey To 27687 Steps

SUPER excited to share my journey to my very first half-marathon or 13.1 mile race. While I have always been a runner–and by that I mean incorporated it into my fitness plan–I usually don’t log more than 6-7 miles.  I will be sharing some of my weekly training plans, as well as some diet snapshots and anything else you guys want to know!

This week I am running a total of 5 times. That leaves two days for recovery, which is extremely important to any training. Continuous physical stress causes “micro-damage to the body’s tissues,” which can be problematic without adequate rest. I also suffer from Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) so I HAVE to take these breaks and weight train instead (more on that later). Additionally, research shows that recovery actually increases performance, prevents mental and physical burnout and allows you to train consistently.

Here is a snapshot of this weeks training plan:

Screenshot 2017-11-26 at 6.42.19 PM

The varying training times are not for any specific reason. That’s just when my schedule allows me to run. However, I do generally find that I perform better in the morning on an empty stomach–everyone is different. Post-run I am refueling with 35-40 g carbohydrate and 12-15 g protein to “repair, restore and replete” (roughly 200-250 calories).

Wish me luck!!!!!!


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